Green Local Schools: Alabama

Most people know that the only schools are the brick-and-mortar schools but no idea that Green schools exist. Green local schools, students study under trees. Green schools save on energy and water, there is less teacher rotation, they promote the health of the students and the teachers, there is a decrease in carbon emission, and they increase the performance of the students.

Also known as the Heart of Dixie, Alabama stands at number 24 as United States’ most populous state and also at number 30 in the most extensive state. By population, the largest city is Birmingham with the capital being Montgomery. In this post, we will feature green local schools in Alabama distinguished by U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Award.

Childersburg Elementary School

Students engage in different projects that are geared towards the environment, and the beauty of this is that self-assessment has become a way of life for them. They learn about recycling and improving the quality of the environment and practice it on a daily basis. In this one of the Green local schools in Alabama, the community plays a role such as in educating the students about energy. Plants and the shrubs around the school are taken care of by use of pine straw while pine trees are used in a clean up. Parents also provide saplings to be planted in the school.

Address: 235 Pinecrest Drive, Childersburg, Al 35044

Phone: 256-315-5525



Sycamore School

At Sycamore School, environmental care is a serious subject. Each student has a responsibility. They develop the gardens; ensure there is the quality production of foods and that there is not litter around. There rain barrels that collect water for gardens are managed by upper-grade level students who also take recycles to the bin. Parents and the community at large play an important role in promoting Green local schools and here; they assist in the building of the gardens. The harvest from the gardens boosts proper food nutrition.

Address: 18101 Alabama Highway 21, Sycamore, AL 35149

Phone: 256-315-5450



University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Alabama at Birmingham has been focusing on improving the quality of the environment, and the students have been playing a great role in this. The university is a great example of reputable Green local schools in Alabama. There is a significant focus on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of energy consumption and in improving thermal comfort among others. There are green labs and electricity usage has been reduced significantly as the university is home to Birmingham’s largest solar energy.

High performance in Green local schools can be attributed to a clean environment. University of Alabama, Childersburg Elementary School, and Sycamore School are all great examples of how a quality environment can assist students in better learning and also the role of parents as well as that of community in promoting the quality environment. The air tends to be cooler, students and staff breathe in fresh air, there is no litter in the compound and students embrace proper nutrition.

Address:  1720 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35294

Phone: 205-934-4636