Green Local Schools: Delaware

The kids of today are being taught to be mindful about how much waste they generate, how much water they use, and how much energy they can save. And it’s good to know that schools play a big role in molding children to care for our planet. Here we will look at 2 green local schools in Delaware that were given the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Award.


Green Local Schools in Delaware

The state of Delaware has a rich culture and history. It is the first state to ratify the US Constitution, and has since promoted itself as “The First State”. Unlike other states, its school system is centralized and local school boards retain control over taxation and some learning programs.

Here are 2 notable green local schools in Delaware:


Forwood Elementary School

Since 2015, the school has enacted various green programs with the help of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC) and Eco Schools USA. Its school staff has organized the Green Team, and its objective is to help students and staff develop habits that improve their well-being and protect Mother Earth.

Why is this school green? 

Each student, from kinder to grade five, plays a role in their garden learning program. Students engage in planting seeds, watering and harvesting fruits and veggies. And these roles are linked to lessons included in the grade level science program. Students further appreciate their roles because the freshly picked produce is served in the dining halls.

Like other green local schools, Forwood promotes good health by ensuring its water quality. The building maintenance department cleans all water taps and drinking fountains on a regular basis to prevent the spread of microbes.

Forwood also has a waste recycling program. Paper has been recycled for a number of years, and food wastes are included in the school’s garden compost. Students and staff minimize the use of Styrofoam trays, plastic milk jugs, water bottles and other similar wastes.

The students are also aware of the effects of pollution. They are encouraged to ride the yellow school bus service instead of their family cars. Students are also encouraged to ride bikes if the weather permits. This not only cuts down the carbon footprint, but serves as a healthy exercise for them.

Address: 1900 Westminster Drive Wilmington, DE 19810

Phone: 302-475-3956


Neil Postlethwait Middle School

Like other green local schools, Postlethwait upholds the three Green Ribbon Pillars through various eco-friendly programs. Some teachers, staff members, and students from its Eco-Team meet on a regular basis to discuss ways the school can improve and engage in the best green practices.

Why is this school green?

Saving water and improving its quality is important at Postlethwait. The school is equipped with low-flow water fixtures, and faucets and fountains are routinely cleaned and safe. The campus also has an outdoor area with a water catchment system. This is to ensure that rainwater is flowing to areas where it can be absorbed and filtered in a natural way.

Postlethwait is proud to provide an outdoor learning space. It’s an outdoor classroom with a learning deck that allows students to get outside and make connections to the natural world around them. This allows them to know more about nature, ask questions about things they wonder about, and gather info to explain these.

The school is also taking many measures to reduce its waste. For example, each classroom has a blue recycling basket and signs that show students what types of waste can be thrown in it. Custodians collect the recyclables on a daily basis and dispose of them in a dumpster that is emptied by the county’s recycling service. 

Address: 2841 South State St. Camden DE 19934

Phone: 302-698-8410