Green Local Schools: Indiana

Green local schools play a big role in helping people learn about Mother Earth and how they can take care of it. In this post, we will feature acclaimed green local schools in Indiana that were given the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Award.

Green Local Schools in Indiana

This state is the 16th most populous in the country, and is one of the first states to carry out a state-funded public school system. The state also joined in the Federal Green Ribbon Schools program, as it is a great way to highlight schools that promote eco-friendly knowledge and green living.

The main factors that define a green school include actions to promote student health and eco-friendly campaigns.

Here are 2 green local schools in this state.


Burris Laboratory School

Burris Laboratory School is a K-12 school based on the campus of Ball State University (BSU). It has the entire state as its enrollment district. And like other green local schools, it has put into action many eco-friendly and wellness programs to improve the health of the students and school surroundings.

Why is this school green?

Burris reduce its waste in many ways. It diverts and makes use of waste products. For instance, the school installed 32 water-bottle filling stations in 15 buildings to avoid bottle waste.

The school uses very little chemicals for cleaning, and use a system called the Lotus Pro. This cleaning system transforms tap water into a working, toxin-free cleaner by infusing it with ozone. It removes germs and other forms of dirt on any item or surface, then changes back into water and oxygen.

To reduce their impact, the school replaced its heating and cooling system with a geo-thermal ground source heat pump system. This has saved $2 million per year in power costs.

Burris values the health and wellness of its students and staff. Its program lays out the minimum amount of PE of students as well as rules on the types of snacks that can be given to students. Through lessons and practical experience, students develop holistic health and wellness.

Address: 2201 W. University Avenue, Ball State University, Muncie, IN 47306-1062

Phone: 765-285-1131



Bethany Christian Schools

Bethany Christian Schools is a parochial school that offers grades 4-12 programs. Since its founding in 1954, the school spearheaded programs about caring for Mother Earth, health and wellness, and going green. Bethany has been recognized for its unique and ingenious approaches.

Why is this school green?

Bethany carries out school-wide recycling and diverts 24% of its waste from the local landfill. Food scraps from the dining halls are composted and used on school gardens, which produces fresh food for the school’s salad bar. It also serves to make students learn about gardening and viable food production.

Outdoor living is an important learning component at Bethany. Most students join in 1-2 days of outdoor events. They build primitive shelters in the woods, find and eat wild edibles and develop wilderness survival skills. Ninth grade students spend two days at a local camp, where they learn wall climbing, swimming, canoeing, and cooking over fires.

Like other green local schools, Bethany offers courses that develop eco-learning. Most high school students take science courses that let them explore the local surroundings and how the living world relates to it. Special emphasis is placed on the school’s local ecosystem, including soil, wetlands and watersheds.

Students also learn about global green topics like growth, energy, climate and natural resources. Overall, the goal is for them to learn about the role of humans in affecting and responding to changes in planet Earth.

Address: 2904 S Main St, Goshen, IN 46526